Legal Terms of Use


When you access BestCam, and all its additional sections and services, you agree to respect and follow the site’s Terms of Use and the site’s guidelines, which include all measures of security. In the same time, you accept that the Terms of Use on BestCam are not bound to be unchangeable. We take the liberty of changing the terms and conditions of this site at any given time, with no obligation to notify the visitors who are enjoying our services and content for free. In case you don’t agree with the alterations that might be brought to the BestCam Terms of Use, please leave the site immediately. All terms and conditions on our site are in conformity with the international regulations regarding adult content and internet activity. All terms and conditions are applied equally to all visitors of our site, regardless from where they access it.


BestCam offers adult and non-adult content in form of video, audio and text, but also other services related to adult content. All this content is free of charge for both registered and non-registered visitors of the site. However, registered visitors might have some additional benefits besides the public content on the site. By accessing you acknowledge that the content of this site is adult related, thus it might be offensive to some people. If you do not agree or wish to see adult content, please leave the site. If you are not accessing our site in privacy or if the people with whom you are don’t consent to being exposed to adult content, please leave the site.

BestCam also accepts submitted content from its registered members. Although all submitted content is verified before going public, BestCam does not take responsibility for said content. Also, BestCam is free to remove content submitted by members or not feature it on the site at all, without being bound to justify it’s actions.

On BestCam, visitors will often find hyperlinks to third parties. These hyperlinks will take you outside the BestCam platform, so none of our site’s Terms of Service will be applied there. It’s your responsibility to decide if you want to continue on the site you’ve been sent to via hyperlink or not. BestCam has no responsibility over the content and services offered by any third party that has been linked on the site.

The entire property of BestCam, including video content, text reviews, promotional offers, site tools, design, theme and source code, are only for personal use. They can’t be use for public or commercial purposes under any circumstances without the direct agreement of the owners of this site. No one can gather personal and contact information from visitors and members on the BestCam site.


BestCam is a site that offers adult content, thereby the access to it is forbidden to persons under the age of 18. If you are accessing the site from a country where the age limit for accessing adult content is different, then you must respect the laws and regulations of that geographical jurisdiction. In case you don’t meet the age criteria of accessing adult content, please leave BestCam immediately!


We encourage the members and visitors of BestCam to help the community build a more diverse and bigger archive of adult content, but in the same time, we ask uploaders to respect the following rules of upload:

-the content has to be in concordance with the international regulations regarding adult content
-the content has to be free of any copyright limitations
-the content has to be free of any racist, offensive, humiliating or abusive parts
-the content has to respect person’s privacy
-the content has to be free of viruses or any pieces of code that could cause malware on the BestCam platform
-the content has to feature only protagonists who knowingly participate in it
-the content has to feature ONLY persons over the age of 18
-content featuring animals is strictly forbidden
-advertisement or soliciting within the content is strictly forbidden

Once the content has been uploaded, BestCam has full ownership over it. It can feature it on the site or take it off the site at any given time. BestCam cannot be held responsible if a member is trying to upload illegal content, and it will collaborate with the authorities in the case any of its members and visitors will try to upload or distribute unlawful content.


When members upload content, they agree that said content will be publically displayed and the privacy for user submissions on the site is not guaranteed. BestCam only guarantees the privacy of the personal data, such as full name, address (both physical and IP), email adress, and so on. BestCam does not guarantee the publishing of any submitted content and said content can be unpublished at any giving time, with no prior notice.


BestCam has full or limited rights over the content featured in the public area of the site. Visitors and registered members alike can join the site and enjoy the content for free, but only in the case of personal use. Any attempts to use the name, content or services of BestCam in purposes other than personal one will be stopped.


BestCam takes the liberty to terminate any account held by a member with no prior notification. That liberty comes from the fact that the registration on the site is free, thus being a privilege, not a right.


BestCam respects the international regulations regarding adult content, but also the regulations of sharing information on the internet. We are not responsible if a member breaks these regulations on our site, but we will terminate the account of said members. BestCam is not responsible for any non-adult who accesses the site.