Privacy Policy

In the following paragraphs you will find information about what kind of data BestCam collects from visitors and members, and the reasons for which said data was collected.

Collected Data on

Here is the list of data and information BestCam collects from its members and visitors. The data can be collected differently and under different circumstances, depending on the type of user and its relationship with the BestCam website.

-Personal Data: anyone can access BestCam without being asked to share personal information. The data that’s collected by our site when accessing it doesn’t have a personal connotation. Only the IP address and information about the device, browser and time spent on the site, but also pages that have been visited, will be saved for a better understanding of our public and creating a more proper environment in which they can enjoy adult entertainment. If a member want’s to register, he must share at least a valid email address with BestCam. No matter what kind of personal data a user shares with this site, that personal data will be kept safe and only revealed to the authorities under the presence of a warrant.

-Uploaded Content: any kind of personal information shared via uploaded content doesn’t fall under the responsibility of BestCam. Uploaded content is a wide term used for anything shared publically by members and visitors of our site, from videos and images to comments and private messages. If the shared content contains private or sensitive information, the only one responsible for it is the person who shared said content.

-Cookies: BestCam uses cookies and by simply accessing the site you accept cookies to be placed in your browser.

-Log File Information: this data refers to all the technical information the site gets once you access it, from IP address and internet provider to the country and city from which you access the site.

-Contact: BestPorn saves all the emails and messages received from the public and it can use information shared in it with no limitations. Please don’t share personal information with anyone asking for it elegantly on our behalf. We will never contact you asking for personal data.

Here are the main ways in which BestCam will use the information you shared with the site, directly on indirectly:

-The log file information will be used to offer a custom experience to all members of BestCam, but also to figure out eventual changes and alterations on the site for the future.

-The chosen username on the site will be used to create a public profile, but also as the uploader’s name on all content you shared with BestCam. Your real name, mail address, IP address, country or any other information will be available to other users of our site.

-The content uploaded on our site can be used on other channels or websites owned by the same company as BestCam.

-BestCam won’t use your email address for marketing purposes.

-BestCam can send you emails notifying you of changes in the site’s policy, design, or in changes regarding your account.

Data Disclosure

-BestCam will share your personal information only if legally required to, such as in cases regarding identity theft, privacy violation, illegal adult content or copyright infringements. Even in these cases, a notice or warrant from a legal representative must be presented before the information is disclosed.

-BestCam can take the decision to notify the authorities in the cases when members are sharing illegal content on the site.


-The access to your BestCam account is only possible through User/Password system. The password of your account is your responsibility, so please don’t share it with anyone.

-BestCam takes all security measures to ensure the privacy of your data. We keep the site malware free and all the data is stored on encrypted servers. However, nothing can be 100% safe on the internet, so we suggest you take safety measures as well.

User Rights

-Registered members have the right to alter their personal information from their BestCam profile or delete this profile completely.

-All users can make claims and notify privacy issues by contacting the administrators of BestCam through the contact form of the site.