Digital Millennium Copyright Act operates in concordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 ( Because of that will act upon any copyright infringement brought to its attention. If any content uploaded on BestCam is not in concordance with the regulations of the DMCA, BestCam will remove said content immediately.

•Before sending a copyright infringement claim, the issuer must provide the following information:
•Legal endorsement from the owner of the copyrighted content, in the cases when the claim is done by a legal representative.
•Proof to show that the material in cause is copyrighted by the party who makes the claim. In the cases when material is copyrighted in bulk, proof that said material is part of a larger collection.
•Identification of the content bracing the copyright regulations (title or URL might be needed).
•Contact information of the claimer (name, address, email address, phone number)
•Statement from the claimer in which to mention the reasons for which he makes the claim, the party on which behalf the claim was done and the content that makes the object of the claim, but also the proof that the claimer is the owner of the content or the legal representative of said owner.

The DMCA claims can only be issued through the contact form.

The DMCA claims will be solved by our team in the shortest time possible!

Thank you for understanding and cooperation,

Best Cam Team