Hottest Cam Sex in Spain

Tose Spanish babes have something in their blood that makes them both sensual and kinky in the same time. When you want to have a bit of fun with a chick like that, all you have to do is join ChicasDeTorbe, an awesome webcam sex site form Spain. All this awesomeness is brought to us by the main man Torbe Canta, a bearded porn entrepreneur who knows exactly what men want from their porn. If you need a bit of Hispanic passion tonight, check out this review, so that you will know exactly what to expect when you join the Chicas De Torbe webcam community.

User Experience

Chicas De Torbe is a Spanish site, but it also comes with an English version, so no matter if you speak Spanish or not, you will be able to have fun with the chicks who are ready to stream their sex shows for you. Talking about streaming, know that this site offers HD live shows in a well-designed chat room, that’s in the same time simple and functional, offering proper chatting experience. Besides chatting, you can also get in contact with the Chicas De Torbe babes through SMS and Phone Call. Each babe has a profile on this site, and that profile will feature many info about her, including the things she is willing to do in front of the webcam, and external links, such as their Twitter profile. All in all, the user experience on Chicas De Torbe is what you need for a night of fun in front of the computer. In the same time, the user experience you will get with the desktop version of ChicasDeTorbe is also available on mobile, so that you could chat with all these Spanish on iPhone, iPad, Android and many other platforms.


The country from where all these sexy chicks are was mentioned plenty of times in this review already, so you should know till now. However, although the Spanish Chicas are usually white girls with porn faces and long legs, you will also find many black cam models on the site, some horny Arab camgirls and even a couple of Asians. All the babes on the site speak Spanish, even the more exotic ones, but they can also chat in English and understand all of your naughty requests. Most of the chicks on the site are streaming from studios, but there are also some who will give you amazing sex shows from their bedrooms, and a couple who host occasional shows from their bath tubs. Besides the single models, there are some lesbian cams on the site, but no couples and no gay or shemale cams.


If you want to chat with the babes of this site, you will only be able to do so after you become a member. The memberships are free, but the models aren’t so generous in the free chat mode. If you really want to have them naked and do all the kinky things you want, you will have to take them for private chat. The private chat is charged on a per-minute basis, and a minute costs between one and four euros, depending on the model. The payments can only be done through credit card and the billing is 100% discrete.

ChicasDeTorbe Review Conclusion

If you ever watched of Torbe Canta’s porn, then you know he’s good when it comes to cast girls in adult productions. If you haven’t watched Torbe’s porn, you should also check out his other sites. He used his directorial skills to bring you the hottest babes in his webcam sex site. ChicasDeTorbe might not be the biggest source of Spanish cams, but you will also find the finest selection of babes here.

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